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Getting a new puppy is an exciting time.

Puppies bring so much joy, laughter and happiness to any household. BUT! what you do in the beginning will set your puppy up for how things will be its entire life, so if you don’t train the puppy correctly in the early stages, you will have a lot of problems you wont be able to fix later.

Toilet Training

Grass mats are an amazing option if you live in an apartment, so are the training pads. To keep your pup toileting where it should, when the puppy goes to the toilet on the grass mat or training pad, give it lots of praise and a treat. Most dogs respond well to “treat training” so when the pup does something you want, give her/him a treat. Never yell at a pup or smack it if it toilets somewhere you don’t want it to.  Positive reinforcement is best for training dogs as they don’t respond well to violence.

If you want to train your puppy to toilet on real grass outside, this is usually the best option, but not everyone has a grassed yard so the above options are best if your puppy will be going to the toilet inside.

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When To Leave Your Puppy

We recommend after bringing your new fur baby home, let the puppy settle in for a week and then start leaving the house gradually.  Ideally up to an hour the first week each or every other day, then increase the time away each day depending on your usual activities.

When you leave the house give your puppy a treat (food related treats or chew treats are best) to distract him/her and put the radio on, leave some toys around too.  We recommend either crating your fur baby when you leave the house or restricting the puppy to an area in the home, where they can still access their toilet and a water bowl.  If you give full home access to your puppy, this is usually when they destroy the home, so try to set up an area that your puppy has when you leave the home.

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Boredom and Exercise

Getting into a daily routine of walking your puppy is the best thing to do to release some of that puppy energy!  A tired dog is a less anxious dog, so if you are going to leave the house for a long period, taking your puppy for a decent walk will help them be less anxious when you do leave.

There are some amazing boredom buster toys, we recommend snuffle mats, chew toys (helps with a teething puppy – which is all puppies until they are 6 months or older!) and puzzle toys. Chew toys are an essential as all puppies love chewing on things while they are teething, if you don’t have chew toys around they will chew your furniture, so check out our chew options here. 

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